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Fifth day of Christmas 2020: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!

Happy Stu Day! Some Fun Stuff for the Third Day of Christmas

On the Bailouts That Didn't Happen, Part 2: State and Local Governments

On the Bailouts That Didn't Happen, Part 1: Multiemployer Pensions

COVID Mortality Idiocies: Irrelevant Comparisons, Bad Context, and Under-estimating Deaths

New York State Climate Investing Goals: Who's On the Hook?

U.S. Mortality Trends, Long-Term and 2020, and a Video Explainer

COVID Mortality with Meep: Making Comparisons, by Age, Week, and State

Chicago Homicides Quick-Take: 2020 is as Bad as 2016, Just More Concentrated

COVID News Round-up: Suicides, Increasing Deaths, Duty to Die, and Dolly Parton

COVID Mortality with Meep: Update of Graph -- Plus Age and Sex Breakout by Week

Reading the News with Meep: Biden nominees ruffle feathers, retirement age to rise in China, and pension news roundup

COVID Mortality with Meep: The John Hopkins Post That Was Yanked

Happy Day-After-American-Thanksgiving!

Mortality with Meep: The Sex Gap in COVID and Total Mortality

Reading the News with Meep: Pay-as-you-go Retiree Health Care, Taxing the Rich, New Jersey Debt, and More!

Joe Biden's Pick for COVID Team: Zeke Emanuel -- a Hint for Public Finance Policy?

Classic STUMP: Remember the 9th of November

Mortality with Meep: Comparing COVID-19 and 2020 Total Death Rates Against U.S. Historical Rates

Reading the News with Meep: Waiting for a bailout, NYC pension reform, Illinois finance, and more

COVID round-up: Reduced deadliness, length of immunity, second (and third) waves, and more

Mortality with Meep: Comparing COVID-19 with Historical Mortality and Prior Pandemics

Read the News with Meep: Vatican Credit Bets, Trump Taxes, Houston Pension Governance, and More!

A Contrast in COLAs: Social Security vs. Illinois

COVID Round-up: Excess Mortality, COVID Death Undercounting, Spreadsheet Errors, and More

A Fisking of Yet Another Public Pension "Explainer" and a Closer Look at Texas ERS

Reading the News with Meep: Stalled Stimulus, Illinois, MEPs, CT pension payments, and More!

COVID round-up: Current Mortality, Bad Spreadsheets, Problem with COVID testing, Longer-lasting effects from COVID, and more

Pension and Finance Round-Up: 80% Funding Myth Sighting, Junky Illinois, and more

Covid Round-Up: Nursing Homes, Mortality Rates, Herd Immunity, and More

Taxing Tuesday: Trump's Tax Returns (Supposedly)

Mortality with Meep: On increasing life expectancy and the Supreme Court

Covid Round-up: The Case of the Mysterious Missing Mortality and More

Reading the News with Meep: Illinois Pensions and Madigan, Calpers to Restrict New CIO, New Jersey Millionaire's Tax and More!

Keeping Up with Meep: Public Pensions, MEPs, Public Finance, and More

Quick Note on Actuarial Outpost and New Mortality Video

Mortality with Meep: Were COVID Deaths Grossly Overcounted?

States and Cities under Fiscal Pressure: The Tales of Woe Rev Up Again

Public Pensions Analysis: High-level Changes in Unfunded Liabilities as a Percentage of State GDP

Calpers Governance Watch: Fallout from ex-CFO Meng Resignation

Happy Labor Day! Pension Retrospective: Pension Primers, POBs, MEPs, and More!

Taxing Thursday: A Retrospective of Soda Taxes, the Amazon Tax, SALT CAP ZERO, and More!

Mortality with Meep: Retrospective on Mortality Trends (and a wee bit about COVID)

The End of an Era: Where are the 80% funding myths of yesteryear?

Mortality with Meep: U.S. Excess Deaths Related to Covid Update to August 27, 2020

Taxing Tuesday: The Money Goes Away

Public Pensions Quicktake: Pension Underfunding vs. State GDP

Taxing Tuesday: California Nuts and New York... Whatever We've Got

Public Pension Watch: California and Illinois Executive Resignations, Spiking v. California Rule, and more!

Meep Quicktake: Congressional Bailout Bill Status and Positioning

Taxing Thursday: It's Up to You, New York, New York

Mortality with Meep: On Florida COVID Deaths and Reporting Lag

Classic STUMP: Public Pensions Primer--Why Do We Pre-fund Pensions?

States and Cities under Fiscal Pressure: Bailouts, State Bankruptcy, and the Next COVID Bill

Mortality with Meep: COVID-19 Deaths and the Importance of Dates

Taxing Tuesday: Back to the Same Old

Classic STUMP: Public Pensions Primer--The Choice of Discount Rate and Return Volatility

Data Quickie: 2020 Census Affected by COVID, and Pre-COVID Population Numbers

Truth is My Highest Value

Classic STUMP: Public Pensions Primer--How Discount Rates Work

Data Quickie: 2020 U.S. Census and Likely Population Changes

Taxing Tuesday: Seattle Returns to Its Dumbass Idea of an "Amazon Tax"

Classic STUMP: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! And Independence Day!

Private Equity in 401(k)s?

Polities Under Fiscal Pressure: Chicago and Cook County

State Bankruptcy and Bailout Reactions: Chicago Pleads, Bailouts Rationalized, and Bailouts Rejected

Thoughts on the Passing Scene: Crazy Finance, Stupid Graphs, and Questionable Spreadsheets

Happy Summer 2020!

STUMP Classics: Public Pensions "Truths" and "Myths" -- Now Exposed

States Under Fiscal Pressure: Connecticut

Public Pensions, Leverage, and Private Equity: Calpers Goes Bold

STUMP Classics: The Fiscal State of Connecticut: Totally Screwed

States Under Fiscal Pressure: New York and New York City

Defund Police Pensions: Would That Really Save a Lot of Money?

STUMP Classics: How Reliable Are Lottery Revenues?

States Under Fiscal Pressure: New Jersey

The California Rule Court Case: What Can Be Changed on Public Pensions?

Bankruptcy Followup: On Stockton, Public Pensions, and the Prisoner's Dilemma

STUMP Classics: The Many Deaths of Sean Bean

State Bankruptcy and Bailout Reactions: Would Pensions Really Have to be Cut in Bankruptcy?

State Bankruptcy and Bailout Reactions: More Reactions

Illinois Pensions: How Did We Get Here? Where Will They Go?

States Under Fiscal Pressure: Illinois

States Under Fiscal Pressure: California

MoneyPalooza Monstrosity! The Positioning for Asking for State Government Bailouts

MoneyPalooza Monstrosity! Looking at the Multiemployer Pension Provisions

MoneyPalooza Monstrosity! Looking at the SALT Cap Provisions

MoneyPalooza Monstrosity! Let's Check Out the State Aid in the $3 Trillion Bill

State Bankruptcy and Bailout Reactions: No Bailout, Yes Bankruptcy Group

Classic STUMP: Visualizing the Financial State of the States

Mortality with Meep: Visualizing Excess Deaths in the U.S.

Waiting for a Bailout: Stupid Governor Tricks, New York Edition

State Bankruptcy and Bailout Reactions: Bail Them Out With Strings Attached Contingent

STUMP Classics: What's So Bad About 80% Fundedness?

State Bankruptcy and Bailout Reactions: No Pension Bailout, No State Bankruptcy Contingent

State Bankruptcy and Bailout Reaction: The News Sources and State of the States and Cities

Blast from the Past: Talking State Bankruptcies in 2011

STUMP Classics: The Fragility of Public Pensions Due To Can't-Fail Thinking

Beating Up on Illinois Dems' Brazen Bailout Request: YOU GET BANKRUPTCY

Mortality with Meep: Excess Deaths and Coronavirus

Illinois Asks for $10B(+) for Pensions -- Most Disgusting COVID-19 Bailout Yet?

Non-Taxing Non-Tuesday: A Hit to State Tax Revenues

Use Data Visualization Responsibly

Mortality with Meep: Major U.S. Mortality trends 1955-2017

Mortality with Meep: Baseline U.S. Mortality Stats for Comparison

Opera! Falstaff and Cosi fan Tutte

Know Your Models: COVID-19

Comedy Tonight! Barber of Seville!

Know Your COVID Data

Losing Money in a Volatile Market

COVID-19 excess mortality, more Defoe, and mortality good news

Public Pensions Before the Storm

Coronavirus, Bad Data, and Daniel Defoe

Opera for March 20: La Fille du Regiment!

La Traviata!

Watch More Opera with Meep

Taxing Tuesday

Watch La Boheme with Meep!

How to Lose Money Quickly

Watch Free Opera! (with Meep)

Coronavirus, the Opera!

Pandemic: Coronavirus links and more

Sometimes, It's Best to Shut Up

Taxing Tuesday! And Some Extra...

STUMP on substack

Public finance, public pensions, and more!

How Not To Be A Dumbass: Media Innumeracy Edition

Multiemployer Pensions: Prior Bailout Plan's Shortcomings and State of Play

Taxing Tuesday: New York is Still Number One! Also: MORE TAXES FOR EVERYBODY!

Pandemic: Current Stats of COVID-19, Spanish Flu, and WASH YOUR HANDS

Presidential Mortality: Evaluating a Biden-Sanders Ticket