STUMP - Death and Taxes

Meep (Mary Pat Campbell) talks about mortality trends and/or public finance issues, usually with a connection to current events.

Fraudulent Life InsurersListen now (16 min) | Don't buy life insurance from the Mafia, either - but mainly, don't invest in insurance companies they own
Don't sell insurance to the MafiaListen now (15 min) | Though they do generally try to hide the bodies
The sumo giant-killersListen now (18 min) | A lot less literal than the notorious Jack
Death, taxes, and entitlementsListen now (16 min) | A (teeny) baby boom and a death bust
Who Wants to Live Forever?Listen now (14 min) | I do... but it may scare the annuity actuaries
Tax Week and the NY State BudgetListen now (17 min) | Caesar can wait another week for his check(s)
Death and DataListen now (24 min) | It's all processes
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