Know Your COVID Data


Mary Pat Campbell

STUMP is back and operational!

Huzzahs to STU who got it back working again. Also, I like my purty new interface for composing posts over there [not that you can see it]. Magnifique!

I will be double-posting between the substack and STUMP for a while, and will likely be going back to the very-long-posts on STUMP and summaries here on the substack. Eventually.

I may be doing some “Classic STUMP” re-posts here on the substack while I’m still doing STUMP housecleaning after Stu got the software problem fixed.

Coronavirus: Know Your Data

I have been trying to get something together re: excess mortality and COVID-19, but I’m running into some severe limitations re: available data.

I discuss some of that in the below video.

Yeah, I know the frame YouTube chose as the freezeframe is making me look more dorkish than usual. Whatever.

My point is that I am having big trouble being able using any current data to make estimates even for 2020, so I may have to fall back on the usual actuarial fallback: historical data.

One standard actuarial punchline (doesn’t really matter the set up) is “What was it last year?” — That’s equivalent to “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” of IT Support.

Everybody has their standard go to.

Some Music for the Weekend

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While there’s breath, there’s hope. See y’all!