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Chaucer on Advice

Movember 2022 Wrap-Up: Fundraising Total, Summary Video, and Post Links

Movember 2022: Prostate Cancer - Geography and Race/Ethnicity

Movember 2022: Men and Drug Overdoses (and Giving Tuesday!)

Movember 2022: Men and Suicide

ESG and ERISA: Pity the Poor Tort Lawyers Their Lost Business as Biden Gives a Safe Harbor For Now

Happy Thanksgiving 2022! Deciphering Historical Death and Actuarial Humor Books

Movember 2022: The Sex Gap in Suicide

FTX, Dickens, and Business Fraud

Some Public Pensions Take (Small) Losses from FTX Disaster... But What About Other Alt Messes to Come?

Read the News with Meep: On Suicide Trends by Race (and Sex) in 2021 (and Earlier)

Lesson from Chester PA: Don't Count Assets You Don't Actually Have, Public Pension Plans

Movember and Prostate Cancer Mortality Trends

Movember 2022: Age Trends in Prostate Cancer Mortality

Election Post-Mortem: New York Karma

Movember 2022: Prostate Cancer Mortality Trend Update

Social Security Politics

SUMOvember: the tournament is coming!

Simpson's Paradox: Election Day Edition

Memento Movember 2022: the Motivation - Stu and the Sex Mortality Gap

2021 Provisional U.S. Population Mortality

Friday "Fun": U.S. Mortality Update, Podcast on iTunes, and Movember Launch

Geeking Out: Life Insurance and Mortality Experience Studies

Liability-Driven Investment: Definitions and Jargon

Political Risk and Public Pension Investments

Memorial: A Well-Deserved Nobel Peace Prize

On COVID (and all-cause) Mortality and Political Affiliation Studies

Geeking Out: Chatting with a Fellow Actuary about Writing

There is no such thing as risk-free

Weekend Brain Dump: IG Live, Lies and Models, and Sumo!

Taxing Tuesday: Using Taxes as Standing to Sue over Student Loan Forgiveness

A Jump in Interest Rates But No Restraint from Government....Yet

Midweek Quickies: Interest Rates, Sumo, and Podcast Plugs

Geeking Out Over Terminology

Data visualization lessons: Jitter charts, screwups, and visionaries

Back to Taxachusetts?

September 2022 Sumo has Started!

World Suicide Prevention Day: U.S. Suicide Trend Update through 2021

We Get Results! The Bogus Death Spike of NC and CT are Now Gone!

Advice on the CDC 2021 Life Expectancy Report

Labor Day 2022 Gift: Public Plans Projection Tool Update!

U.S. life expectancy fell almost 1 year (again) in 2021

Student loan reduction: short-term and long-term effects

More on the Mystery Death Spike of CT and NC (that is totally bogus)

Childhood Mortality Trends, 1999-2021 (provisional), Ages 1-17 Revisited: Teen Mortality Increased 30% 2019 to 2021

Public Pensions, ESG, DeSantis, and The Catholic Church

Silent Generation Has Odd 2021: COVID Over 100% of 2021 Mortality Increase Compared to 2019 in the U.S. for those over age 85

A Tale of Know Your Data: The Mystery of the Excess Connecticut Summer Deaths

Teachers at it again: New Jersey Teachers Union Antagonizing Parents

Baby Boomer Mortality Experience: Welcome to Old Age! 2020-2021 U.S. Mortality Increase for Ages 60-79 was Mostly COVID

Mortality open thread!

Looking at Recent Mortality Increases -- and Expectations for the Future

One Bad Year? Comparing the Long-Term Public Pension Fund Returns Against Assumptions

Meep's Data Visualization Evolution: Tile Grid Maps

Taxing Tuesday: A Retrospective of Stupid Tax Policy - Soda taxes, Amazon tax, SALT cap

Meep and Media: Podcasts and Videos - Sumo, Fraud, and Math, oh my!

Meep Hits the Road and Plays the Oldies: Today - Silly(ish) Mortality Posts!

Against "Slightly Against Underpopulation Worries"

Expertise, Definitions, and Credibility

Public Pension Returns Start to Roll In for Fiscal Year 2022

Middle-aged Massacre (too!): Increase in Mortality for Ages 40-59 in the U.S. for 2020-2021 Mainly Driven By COVID

On recessions: definitions, Humpty Dumpty, and out-sourcing decision-making

Millennial Massacre Overview

Millennial Massacre Part 2: Increase In Mortality for Ages 18-39 for 2020-2021 Mainly Driven by Drug Overdoses and COVID

MBTA and Pension Obligation Bonds

The Death of Ivana Trump: Falls are Dangerous for Seniors

Interest Rates and Sumo, Nagoya 2022 Edition

Waiting Patiently on Public Pensions

Top Causes of Death in U.S. for 2021 by Age Group

Yes, COVID was a top cause of death for middle-aged people in 2021

NY Corruption: Hochul, Benjamin, and Chester A. Arthur -- Can You Tell the Difference?

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day for 2022!

Young Adult Mortality Trends, 1999-2021 (provisional), Ages 18-39 -- The Recent Millennial Massacre (Part 1)

Ken Griffin and Citadel Leave Illinois

Indiana Governor wants to give back taxpayer money, but I say give it to the teachers pension fund

Pension Obligation Bonds

Childhood Mortality Trends, 1999-2021 (provisional), Ages 1-17

Social Security Trust Fund Running Out

Fewer than 4000 people just approved boosting Providence Rhode Island liabilities by $515 million

Demo on getting gun death data, reminder on Actuarial News, and reading over Meep's Shoulder

Misleading Gun Death Stats: "Gun Mortality" State Rankings

Misleading Gun Death Stats: "Kids'" gun deaths vs. motor vehicle deaths

Elon Musk, Fertility, and Decreasing Populations

Summer Season Warning: Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning (Plus Drowning Mortality Trends)

Don't perpetrate financial fraud in spreadsheets

U.S. Mortality Trends Through the Pandemic

Fraudulent Life Insurers

U.S. Gun Deaths are Mostly Suicides, not Homicides

Top Causes of Death for 2021: Heart Disease, Cancer, and COVID

Don't sell insurance to the Mafia

The sumo giant-killers

Troubled Multiemployer Pensions: Central States Teamsters Files for Bailout

All Men Must Die, But They Don't Have to Die in Office

Death, taxes, and entitlements

Process is important: SALT cap and NY redistricting

Pools are more dangerous than Covid to small children

Who Wants to Live Forever?

It is Finished: Some Music for Good Friday

2021 U.S. Mortality News Explainer: Life Expectancy, Death Rates, and More

Tax Week and the NY State Budget

Why Has Teen Mortality Increased 31% in 2 Years in the U.S.?

Death and Data

Preliminary results for 2021 All-Cause U.S. Mortality: 21% More Deaths than 2019, 2% More Deaths than 2020

Updating Sean Bean's Mortality Rate

Alcohol-related deaths, part 2: Geographical Differences for 2019 and 2020

Income taxes and wealth taxes

Sumo! Physics in Action!

Dead is dead: Increased Alcohol-Related Deaths, U.S., 2020-2021

Interest Rates and Sumo

Drug Overdose Deaths, Part 3: Geographical Differences for 2019 and 2020

Death the Dickensian Way

Drug Overdose Deaths, Part 2: U.S. Age-Related Trends 1999-2020 with Provisional Results in 2021

Drug Overdoses, Part 1: High-Level Trends, 1999-2020

Meep starts her taxes

Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths, Part 3: Geographical Differences, 2019 vs 2020

Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths, Part 2: Age-Related Trends with Provisional Results in 2021

Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths: High-Level Trends, 1968-2020, Part 1

Memorial and Yuri Dmitriev

Mortality Angle of the Russian/Ukrainian Conflict: Bad Even Before Pandemic

Mortality Videos: State Rankings, Age-Adjusted Rates over the Decades, and Pulling Data for Cause of Death

Geography of Mortality: State Ranking by Increase in Total Mortality and COVID Mortality, 2020-2021, Provisional

President's Day - Calvin Coolidge

The Geography of Homicide -- States, Base Rates, Increases, and Correlations

Political mortality: on old people in the Senate and death probabilities

Positioning for a Potential Interest Rate Hike: Public Finance and More

Homicide: Trends, 1968-2020, and Provisional Counts Through June 2021

Mortality Nuggets: Videos on Suicide Rate Trends, Society of Actuaries Report, and Fixing Their Graph

Suicide: Trends, 1968-2020, and Provisional Counts Through June 2021

Original Sin (or Pandora's Box) and Public Finance and Pensions

2021 U.S. January-June Cause-of-Death Ranking Table

Mortality Nuggets: Videos on 2020 Death Rates by Cause of Death, Querying WONDER, and Actuarial News

Top Causes of Death by Age Group, 2020: Death Rates

Mortality Nuggets: Videos on Death Numbers, Ranking Table for States' Mortality for 2020

Top Causes of Death by Age Group, 2020: Raw Numbers

While Teachers Agitate for Remote Teaching, They Should Remember Their Pensions

Happy Second Christmas: Epiphany, Data Visualization, and Sumo!

Excess Mortality For Working Age Adults Way Up in Third Quarter of 2021, Driven By Covid and Drug Overdoses

Have an Actuarial New Year! A few Actuarial Gifts and Recommendations