Mar 22, 2022 • 16M

Interest Rates and Sumo

The only connection is Japan, but hey. I love Sumo. (I don't love what rates are doing)

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Mary Pat Campbell
Meep (Mary Pat Campbell) talks about mortality trends and/or public finance issues, usually with a connection to current events.
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First, thanks to FRED, Japan’s 10-year government bond yields versus U.S. 10-year Treasury bond yields.

Ugh. Yeah, you can see those negative interest rates in Japan. For 10-year government bonds.


Natto Sumo YouTube Channel - main way I watch the bouts.

Video of one day of matches:

NHK World — one of their Sumopedia videos, on gold star victories

Two Facebook groups on Sumo:

SumoSumoSumo (very active, and my fave sumo group) and

NHK World’s Grand Sumo group (not very active, but official).

Hakke yoi!