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Merry Christmas! Excel Gifts -- Some Beautiful Themes from Great Art and Warnings on Errors

Merry Christmas! First Set of Presents: Types of Rosaries, Icon-Makers, and More Catholic Stuff

COVID Quickies: The New York Times, Old People Dying, WONDER, and Fixing Graphs

I come to bury Build Back Better, and dance on its grave

Old Politicians: Trump v. Biden v. Clinton

Quick Takes: Homicides and City Partisan Control, Querying WONDER by Gender, and SALT stuff

COVID Data Follies: Vaccination Rates, Relative Risk, and Simpson's Paradox

Movember 2021 Wrap-Up and Working With WONDER

Quick take: Gas prices and petroleum production

Movember Fundraising: Men and Suicide

Covid Mortality Update for November 2021: Before the Omicron Variant

Movember Inspiration: My Dad and the Sex Gap in Mortality

Covid, Ghostbusters, and Fraudulent Data

Movember: The Improvement in Prostate Cancer Mortality

Movember Fundraising: Do It For Stu!

A Deeper Dive into Increased Deaths by Race/Ethnicity and Geographic Patterns, U.S., 2020-2021

On Covid, Excess Mortality by Race/Ethnicity, and Geographic Patterns

Remembering Vladimir Bukovsky, 1942 - 2019, Soviet Dissident

Talking Actuaries and Data, The Poisoner's Handbook, and an Update to Public Pension Projections

Chicago Police: Vaccine Mandates and Pension Threats

Vaccines Reduce Risk: A Look at the Changing Age-Related Mortality Risk of COVID

U.S. COVID Mortality: Winter is Coming

Revisualizing the Financial State of the States: 2021 edition

Spanish flu v. COVID-19: Comparing the Numbers and Forgetting the Lessons

Social Security: Benefit Terminations and the Trust Fund Running out

COVID and Simpson's Paradox: Why So Many Vaccinated People are Among the Current Wave of Hospitalizations

Meep's Recommendations: Thomas Sowell, Roaring 20s, and Shostakovich

Taxing Tuesday: The SALT Cap Battle Continues

Mortality with Meep: Cause of Death Trend -- Cancer -- 1999-2020

Mortality Basics with Meep: Age-Adjusted Death Rates v. Crude Death Rates for U.S. 1968-2020

Mortality with Meep: Cause of Death Trend -- Heart Disease -- 1999-2020

Mortality with Meep: Huge Increase in Death by Drug Overdose in 2020

Mortality Basics with Meep: Median, Mode, and Mean Age at Death and Life Expectancy

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! In Praise of Valuable Annuities

Mortality with Meep: U.S. Life Expectancy Fell 2.4% in 2020, and Death Rates Increased 16.1%

Technology, Accessibility, and my Aunt Pat

Mortality Nuggets: NYT Misleads, COVID Deaths Down, and Car Crash Fatalities Up

National Public Pension Coalition vs. Truth in Accounting: Who is Accurate With Public Pension Unfunded Debt?

PSERS Update: What if it's just sloppy processes?

An Elegy for the "Experts" and for Memory

Not With a Bang, But a Whimper: Demographic Decline Undermines Public Finance

Mortality with Meep: On Excess non-COVID Mortality in 2020

Mortality Nuggets: Global Excess Deaths, Memento Mori, and Mortality News Round-up

Which Public Pension Funds Have the Highest Holdings of Alternative Assets? 2021 Edition

Mortality Nuggets: Car Crashes, COVID Deaths, and the WONDER of the CDC

Geeking Out: Census Numbers for Apportionment Released -- Let's Visualize!

Weekend Videos: Is COVID Saving Lives, Pennsylvania Schools Employees, SALT Cap

Public Finance: Full Accrual Accounting and Governmental Accounting Standards Board Testimony

Mortality with Meep: Location of Death Data for 1999-2020, Entire United States

SALT Cap Tussle: NY Democrats Have an Ultimatum

Mortality with Meep: Top Causes of Death in the United States in 2020

Multiemployer Pensions: Will the Recent Bailout Destroy Pensions (in the Long Run)?

Mortality with Meep: Ranking the States (and NYC and DC) by Excess Mortality

MoneyPalooza Monstrosity: State and Local Governments Should Pay Down Pension Debt

Mortality with Meep: Likelihood of Senate Control Changing Due to Death

Geeking Out: House of Representatives Apportionment Visualization 1910-2010

Quick-Takes: Mortality Update, Meep's Math Matters, and a Few Bailout Reactions

Cuomo Killing the Disabled and the Elderly: This Time It's Personal

Geeking Out: Florence Nightingale, Data Visualization Pioneer - and Redoing Her Famous Graph

MoneyPalooza Monstrosity: It Passed! More on the Multiemployer Pension Bailout

MoneyPalooza Monstrosity -- The Return: Multiemployer Bailout

Mortality with Meep: the Society of Actuaries Studies 2020 Excess Mortality, Life Expectancy Rebuttal, and More

GameStop Follies: The Long and the Short of It

Mortality with Meep: Digging into CDC report on mortality in the first half of 2020

Geeking Out: GDP By Country and Recent COVID Mortality Data

COVID Mortality: New York, Nursing Homes, and Cuomo

Mortality with Meep: On The Congressional Body of Old Folks and Deaths in Office

GameStop Frenzy Lessons: Don't Bet the Milk Money

GameStop Follies: Hedge Funds, wallstreetbets, and Public Pensions

Mortality with Meep: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan by Race/Ethnicity and Week

Mortality with Meep: Excess Mortality in California, Texas, and Florida by Race/Ethnicity

Mortality with Meep: Excess Mortality in New York and New York City

Mortality with Meep: Total U.S. Excess Mortality in 2020, by Race and Ethnicity

Mortality with Meep: U.S. Excess Mortality by Age Group in 2020, Absolute and Percentage

New Site Announcement: Actuarial News

Mortality with Meep: Total U.S. Excess Mortality in 2020, Overall and by Age

Mortality Nuggets: Life Expectancy, Worldwide COVID Deaths, Homicides, and More

Meep's Leftovers: Intellectual Humility, Government Accounting, Pleading Poverty, and More

Other Pension News: Low Interest Rates, MEP Cuts, and More

Public Finance Roundup: What Happens When the Richest Move to Laputa?

Public Pension Roundup: Bailing out Pensions, The Return of Pension Envy, Kentucky Lawsuit, and more

Taxing Tuesday: Look Back to Olden Times and What Awaits Us in 2021

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Geeking Out: Fitting Florida COVID Case Fatality Rate to Gompertz-Makeham Form

Mortality with Meep: Estimated U.S. Total Deaths for 2020, All Causes