Where Meep Can Be Found

A reference guide to all things MPC, online

Howdy, just your friendly author, Mary Pat Campbell, posting some places you can find me online (currently). I will be “stickying” this post to the top of the substack, and updating as things change.


Meep’s Writing

STUMP is the blog my husband Stuart set up for me years ago on the website he bought for me decades ago. The original STUMP can be found at stump.marypat.org, which started in 2014, and I started mirroring with this substack in 2020. I primarily write about public pensions, finance, and mortality issues on STUMP. All posts, March 2020 and after, on the original STUMP also appear on this substack (but not vice versa).

I have my Publication Record, which mainly records my actuarial-related writing. I cover a variety of topics, with a huge theme on Excel and programming best practices. I don’t write (for free for others) so often now as I am a co-editor for The Modeling Platform, the newsletter of the Modeling special interest section of the Society of Actuaries.

I have a couple of other places I write: my livejournal (goes back to April 2000), which tends to be more personal, but also has a lot of my writing about education.

I have a tumblr Croton Falls Heights where I grab old newspaper clips. I started it when I started looking into coverage of the Spanish flu pandemic. Here is a post I did on the origin of Triscuits. Have a plea from 1909:

Don’t call them pennies! (You can see how well that plea worked.)

Meep’s Profiles

LinkedIn: Mary Pat Campbell

GoActuary: meep at GoActuary - this is an actuarial discussion board, which replaces the Actuarial Outpost

Actuarial Directory: Mary Pat Campbell

Twitter: meepbobeep

Contacting Meep

The best way to contact me is via email: marypat.campbell@gmail.com

You can attempt to message me via the systems above, but note that I do not get notifications from any of those systems (I do not have a smartphone, and never have had one). Even when I do see I have messages there, I often cannot get at the messaging systems (cf: no smartphone) so I don’t even see the message in the first place.

(Obviously, I may not respond to emails, but at least I see them.)

I usually don’t see cold-messaging in the systems. That is, if you haven’t linked to me on LinkedIn, I will probably not see any messages you send. Email is best. Don’t make it look like spam - I never look in that folder.

Money (and other stuff) for Meep

You want to give me money or other stuff? SURE!

Here on substack, you can subscribe to this newsletter, which is greatly appreciated. No, you don’t get more content (I’m trying to reach the world, or at least the part that cares about what I’m writing about, so I don’t want a paywall), but you do have the right to comment on the posts if you want.

If you want to do a one-time cash gift (or recurring), Buy Me a Coffee is an easy way to do it. Note: I am most likely to buy tea.

Finally, want to get me a book? Check out my Amazon wishlist.

Meep’s Videos

Finally, I have a YouTube channel, Meep’s Math Matters, that I’ve been using.

The two blog-related playlists are:

Here I am solving a specialty sudoku puzzle:

See y’all around!