Apr 26 • 16M

Death, taxes, and entitlements

A (teeny) baby boom and a death bust

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Meep (Mary Pat Campbell) talks about mortality trends and/or public finance issues, usually with a connection to current events.
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Financial Times Piece: Baby bust: economic stimulus helps births rebound from coronavirus pandemic

(because of difficulties linking, it goes to excerpt I captured at my Actuarial News website)

The number of births in advanced economies has largely rebounded to levels before the coronavirus pandemic, a Financial Times analysis shows, a recovery that experts say was partly because of stimulus policies deployed to mitigate the economic impact of the crisis.

Births began to fall sharply in late 2020 after Covid-19 took hold and people were confined to their homes in lockdown, worsening an already perilous demographic trend of population decline in wealthy nations.

The trend mirrored drops during the 1918 flu pandemic, the Great Depression and the global financial crisis in 2008. But an analysis of national data shows a rapid rebound in most developed countries.

Number of births in the U.S. by year, 1933-2019, from mortality.org