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Dear Mary Pat (*),

I just want to let you know I appreciate you, and I recommend your writing to anybody who wants honest info on what is really happing to people.

I feel like when I name-check you, you should know. So here's a comment from another site, about -> YOU! Who knows, maybe in ten years rappers and pop stars will be name-checking MEEP along with Old E, Rakim and Justin Timberlake?

* - "Dear Mary Pat" makes me think of early David Letterman, and the character of Larry "Bud" Melman. The "Ask Larry Bud" segment was often hilarious. "Dear Larry Bud, are the theaters in London like theaters in New York?" Was a favorite.

_____comment on other site________

A woman named Mary Pat Campbell is an actuary, and her substack has complete breakdowns of all the fatality numbers, from the CDC but presented clearly and without misleading bias. You know, the way an insurance company, whose entire business was founded on accurate evaluation of risks, might need.

For young people, she had to include a big note that the number of CoVID deaths was not ZERO, but standard actuarial practice, and her settings in Excel, rounded numbers like 0.0006%, to 0%

Her tone throughout is infuriatingly calm and reasonable. I would compare it to an accountant or trustee explaing to a reckless gambler that, no, you are broke. No, you have $8.34 to your name, you can’t bet your way out of this hole.

If she has any righteous or political anger, it is about the huge increase in suicides, overdoses, and car crashes after decades of improvement. (Especially the vast disparity between mortality for men, vs women.) And the papering over, and even naked political misuse, of those numbers.

She’s great. I kind of love her.


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The pandemic, isolation, and ignorance seems sufficient to impact mental health. I am still stumped by the fact that women of Spanish descent ate less likely to commit suicide :-). Thank you for the dynamic charts.

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