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Here's the thing-drug overdose by fentanyl and heroin are very easy to ID by the coroner. Fentanyl overdose frequently occurs moments after injection. Many ODs dont have time to take the needle out.

In addition, life insurers investigate all death benefit claims thoroughly. They want to know the cause of death, even if the coroner says "i don't know" (again, unlikely for drug OD).

The idea that a life insurance CEO would publicly acknowledge this extremely massive uptick of working age deaths while knowing it was overdose deaths simply does not make sense.

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Right. But if there WAS a death caused by the vaccine (or a few. or many), how would it be listed in this data? What category would that be in? Honest question. I suspect there is not a category for that. I also wonder if vaccination status is on death certificates or in the data at all. It's a little circular, the FDA types saying we won't know safety until we start injecting people and then to make the data collection so poor that you can't know safety then either.

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